Sunday, December 10, 2017

Autumn Colors #4 - Devil's Lake

Intro:  This is the Fourth in the series – Autumn Colors

 The long hike up the ridge and rocks begins -
though it does not look it at this point --
pretty difficult at times.

Humm - a friend along the way!

Devil’s Lake is Wisconsin’s largest and busiest state park, with over 10,000 acres and more than 29 miles of hiking trails.  There are some great views both in the forest and looking over the 500 foot tall bluffs at the lake.  There are also Indian Burial Mounds – a sacred site.

 Beauty in this tree.

spectacular views

The area was formed between 1.4 and 1.6 billion years ago. The rocks you walk on were here long before the dinosaurs. These rocks were part of the floor of an ancient ocean. The waves in the rock patterns are the ripple marks of that ocean bed.

About 500 million years ago a second great ocean flooded Wisconsin.  Interesting, North America was rotated 90 degrees clockwise from its present position and lay along the equator. It was then part of the southern tropics!  At a later day, about 18,000 years ago there came the Ice Age which sat here for 8,000 years.  The freezing and thawing during that period forms the rock formations such as the Devil’s Door.

 I did not check to see if anyone was home here!

 This is Devil's Door - way at the top of the climb -- 
formed by the glacier.

One last view - beautiful - now time to descend.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Seasonal Contrast - #28 Entrance Gate

Seasonal Contrast in the - Gardens at Waters East

Postings in this ongoing series will show the same garden “area” and “objects” at two or more different times / seasons of the year.  The contrast will offer the viewer an appreciation of the beauty found in the same spot but in different months.  Some of the photos have never been seen before, others were collected from earlier postings in order to provide the needed contrast.  Each season has its own “feeling”, has its own beauty.  These photos are of the Entrance Gate area.  I designed and created the gate in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright.


Notice the angle design - often seen in Wright homes.

 The red, black and white "Triptych"
sits on top of a salvaged pillar from a home in Chicago.

Early Morning

Reference Note:  If you check out the archives for this Blog, you will find a number of “contrast” postings in this series.  All help in understanding the gardens throughout the year.

NOTE:  All photos use in this posting were taken on the property of Gardens at Waters East.

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Friday, December 1, 2017

Autumn Colors - Lake of the Clouds

The Lake of the Clouds is located in Michigan’s Porcupine Mountains Wilderness.  This is an area in upper Michigan along the shores of Lake Superior and is Michigan’s only state-designated wilderness area. It is a gigantic park – so much to do and so much to see for miles and miles.

This was a part of my “tour” of waterfalls and colors on a one week 1,200 mile travel around the state of Wisconsin.  October was a perfect time to see the colors.  During the visit to this spot, the day was misty and cloudy, perfect for looking out and down at the Lake of the Clouds.

And one final video.

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